RV Camping & Hiking in Grand Teton NP


Our second visit to Grand Teton National Park turned out to be a success!  We first visited this park in 2015, after exploring Yellowstone National Park (you can read about that visit HERE). We immediately fell head-over-heels for the Tetons and the adorable town of Jackson, Wyoming. This area left a serious imprint on our hearts the first time we visited…so it was thrilling to learn that we loved it even more the second time around.

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Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Some landmarks are so essential to the American landscape, that you truly need more than one visit. Yellowstone is such a place. We first visited in September of 2015, and this was only the second National Park that we had ever been to. We had a few days in the park, and saw and hiked as much as we could…but goodness, Yellowstone is massive. You need a lot of time to explore it!

When we returned this May, I knew exactly what we had to do. You see, I already had my Yellowstone Bucket List…and we simply proceeded down the list, where we had left off.

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In Love with Custer State Park

Though we have discovered many amazing places in the US, few places have touched my soul the way that the Black Hills have. Black Hills National Forest is the gorgeous landscape that encompasses the southwestern portion of South Dakota. It cradles Custer State Park and Wind Cave National Park, surrounds Mount Rushmore National Monument and sprawls out like a beautiful tapestry, stitched with some incredibly scenic highways.

This region hosts an abundance of adventures, simply waiting to happen.

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Our RV Tour

Our fifth wheel is affectionately named Swoosh…because we decided to “just do it” and break out of the mold of modern family living.

In March of 2015, we purchased a new Open Range 367 BHS fifth wheel by Highland Ridge. Our unit is 37 feet and some change in length. Looking back at this purchase, we are still quite happy with our RV selection.

Our little home on wheels has been perfect for our traveling adventures. We have now lived full-time in this for 26 months. Can you believe that?! Crazy…and we still love it!

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DIY RV Update: Dressing Up The Front Door


IMG_1497 2.jpg
If you have been in an RV, then you know that although the industry is constantly updating the newer models…there is still much to be desired in RV decor. In the case of our Open Range Fifth Wheel, the decor was fine…just a bit generic for us.

In the process of updating our RV decor and repainting the interior…after traveling around for two years in our fifth wheel (you can find out more about our story HERE)…we decided to change up the decor a bit. We were searching for a more rustic vibe.

In the midst of painting, I found myself staring at the not-so-lovely padded headboard that frames the front door.


I would have absolutely loved to just remove the padded doorway-valance…however, our door is not very tall. Since my husband hits his head every so often, the padding is a necessity!

In my search for fabric, I found this faux-leather looking beauty at Hobby Lobby…popped off the buttons and unscrewed the valance.

I then cut the fabric a couple of inches larger than my “headboard” so that there was room to wrap the sides and staple it. I felt super crafty as I used my kids chalk to mark the felt-like backing on the fabric…and it worked great, giving me an outline to cut along.


I then stapled the new “hide” looking fabric over the valance board and screwed it back into the wall. I did not have a staple gun in the RV, so my “stapling job” leaves much to be desired:


Using scissors, you can make some cuts around the edges (think of cutting jack-o-lantern teeth) to help with gathering the fabric. This also removes some of the extra fabric so it will not “bunch” as much along the backside.


I then screwed the valance back on the wall, simply poking the original screws through the holes in the board and the new fabric.


The one problem we had were those darn, little fabric buttons…the ones that cover up the screws. I could not find a replacement anywhere. My smarty-pants daughter found a brilliant solution…she colored them with our furniture touch-up markers. You can find the set we use HERE…they are the perfect solution for the ugh-oh moments of RV life…as well as re-coloring your faux-leather fabrics!


So this is my new entry way. What do you think? A few minimal changes was all it took to change up the feel of this tiny space. You can also see my new wooden window valance that I made to cover up those tacky window blinds when they are raised.