Newport Beach and Vintage Trailers


Newport Dunes Resort in Newport Beach, CA

There is something nostalgic about a vintage trailer. Sprinkle two dozen or so around the water in Newport Beach and you have the makings for some memorable camping!

Last week we were blessed to park our rolling home at Newport Dunes Rv Resort in Orange County. Fall is irresistible along the West Coast…and we enjoyed soaking up the sunshine and playing in the bay. Continue reading → Newport Beach and Vintage Trailers

Exotic Birds In San Diego, CA

Exotic Beauty at Free Flight Bird Sanctuary in Del Mar, CA; Photo Credit:  National Explorers

We discovered something new in Del Mar last month. Tucked into a little corner near the fairgrounds is Free Flight, an exotic bird sanctuary. This little refuge provides visitors with knowledge, entertainment and unique inspiration. This safe haven also provides unwanted birds with the opportunity for social interaction and care. Continue reading → Exotic Birds In San Diego, CA

Finding the Point Reyes National Seashore

January 2016

As we sit here in Florida and soak up all this beautiful sunshine, I reflect on 2016 with amazement. We were incredibly blessed to discover 22 new states as a family and to take a tiny peek at 6 others, as we drove through them.

I truly can’t believe how much distance we covered last year. We were in three of the four corners of the United States in 2016. Sadly, I did not document most of our journey on the blog, so I have decided to reminisce and give mention to some of our favorite locations and experiences.

Without further ado….here is the first of “our happy places” in 2016:

Highlights of 2016: #1  Olema, California

Until our RV adventure we had almost exclusively lived in California. You can imagine my surprise to find the most amazing little place, which would soon become one of my very favorite spots in the entire state. In January we spent two weeks in the sleepy little town of Olema. This town is quite tiny. It is adorable, quaint and it has a few qualities that set it apart. Continue reading → Finding the Point Reyes National Seashore

Adios Cali

We drove out of California last Tuesday and pulled into Reno, Nevada. I know, I know…you are probably saying “why?” Well our why is “because Daddy has business in Reno.” Our stops and travel patterns are largely centered around the hubby’s work schedule. So….we met the littlest big city…or so they call it. Continue reading → Adios Cali