Travel & Anniversaries

One of our early adventures:  Alaskan Cruise, July 2001

Today, Chris and I celebrate 18 years of marriage. I do believe that this is one of those truly significant hallmarks for me. I have been mulling this over for weeks…with excitement, emotion, passion and gratitude. It seems that I have been anticipating this anniversary, more so than any in the past years. Continue reading → Travel & Anniversaries

RV Life: How To Keep Things In Place On The Road

Keeping things in place while we travel

There is a little packet of putty…and it is at the top of my list of RV essentials. It is amazing! I’m one of those girls who like to dress up….both me and my home. You could say…that decor makes me happy. One of the first things I did in my traveling RV journey was to determine how to make the stuff stick. Literally. Continue reading → RV Life: How To Keep Things In Place On The Road

Our RV Tour

Our fifth wheel is affectionately named Swoosh…because we decided to “just do it” and break out of the mold of modern family living.

In March of 2015, we purchased a new Open Range 367 BHS fifth wheel by Highland Ridge. Our unit is 37 feet and some change in length. Looking back at this purchase, we are still quite happy with our RV selection.

Our little home on wheels has been perfect for our traveling adventures. We have now lived full-time in this for 26 months. Can you believe that?! Crazy…and we still love it! Continue reading → Our RV Tour

DIY RV Update: Dressing Up The Front Door


IMG_1497 2.jpg
If you have been in an RV, then you know that although the industry is constantly updating the newer models…there is still much to be desired in RV decor. In the case of our Open Range Fifth Wheel, the decor was fine…just a bit generic for us.

In the process of updating our RV decor and repainting the interior…after traveling around for two years in our fifth wheel (you can find out more about our story HERE)…we decided to change up the decor a bit. We were searching for a more rustic vibe.

In the midst of painting, I found myself staring at the not-so-lovely padded headboard that frames the front door. Continue reading → DIY RV Update: Dressing Up The Front Door

Why are we doing this?

Mount Desert Island, Maine

What is our mission? Recently Chris and I were pondering this. Have you ever talked to someone and wondered…”why are they doing this?” Well, we did. We walked away from a conversation wondering what someone’s mission was. What was their purpose? This led me to contemplate what perception I give to others. Really, it’s a tricky thing. In the world of Photoshop, filters and Instagram perfect images…people mostly see what they want to see. I know I do. I intentionally follow the Instagram pages of those I love or those that inspire me. According to my husband, I more often than not, seek to find optimism rather than see my glass as half empty. I prefer things neat and tidy. This is what I want to see.  I want to remember how adorable my tiny home is when things are orderly…not when it is a disheveled craziness after a long week of homeschooling and a weekend of travel. So I fill my feed with the photos that bless my spirit…images that make me smile, not cringe. What about you?

As I continue this line of thinking I am reminded that not everyone will look at my photos with the same interpretation. I wonder, how does that look through your eyes?

Palmetto, Florida

I once tried a business in a multilevel marketing company. I learned the value of “knowing your why.” (I also learned a bit about having a vision board…those are essentially my Instagram and Pinterest boards!…but that is another topic) So I ponder…is it clear to others exactly what my “why” is? Nope. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Wipeout. Ok…so many people do know my why. I willingly share my heart on this with everyone that is interested. But what about those who have not asked? What about those who catch a photo online? What about myself and my kids in 30 years? Will we all remember why or we will all just recall that we rode off into the sunset and traveled the country?

My mission is simple…my ministry is my children. The Lord has blessed me with the task of raising these little humans to someday (very soon), be grown adults. For each of us parents, this looks different. For the Barry’s, our goal is to raise Christ-seeking children who are independent and bear the Fruits of the Spirit, whom are educated in both life skills and academics and who understand and respect others as well as their own physical bodies.

I am truly blessed beyond words to have a husband who shares my same vision and who works diligently to afford me the opportunity to stay home and raise our children in this pursuit. We believe wholeheartedly that this is God’s will for our family at this time. In this season of our lives, our choice to travel with our children is our faith in action. We know that this is the path for our family…at this moment…in order to accomplish our goal. I will be honest, I do not understand everything behind this. I do know however, that we constantly receive affirmation as well as find blessings in the pursuit of this lifestyle as a family.

Over the last 22 months, we have grown together and dealt with character development in regards to being in close quarters (you know how kids love to sit shoulder to shoulder in the car for extended periods of time) and we have learned the value of addressing the issue at hand, lest the sun go down on our anger (you cannot send everyone of to their rooms and deal with it later). We have had an amazing opportunity to focus on areas in our parenting and in our character that needed to be addressed…oh yes, and we discover more daily! In this next season of travel, it is my prayer that as we continue to grow (all five of us), we will find significant opportunities to serve and give to others in this journey. There are so many awesome opportunities and ministries out there, we just need to find the ones that will work with Chris’ business travel and our journey. As with anything in life and parenting, there are seasons. We also find these seasons in fulltime RV travel.

Yes, we travel the country with our children in this grand adventure. We do not travel though, simply for travel sake. We travel in pursuit of our family goal. This life is brief and we do not know what tomorrow will bring. When the opportunity arose to ditch suburbia and pursue our goals through faith and adventure, we said yes!

It is my hearts desire that others will witness our journey and be inspired. Not because we simply travel and show our kids the states or because of the natural beauty that we see…but because we are intentionally living in pursuit of our family goal and values. I love witnessing what that means for other families, as much as I cherish reflecting on what that has encompassed for our family.

Old Sturbridge Village, Massachussetts

If you feel that you may be called to ditch suburbia too, our friends at Ditching Suburbia have some amazing resources for you to consider.

RVer Gift Ideas for Him

I love dreaming about what to get my husband for Christmas…especially about what to put in his Christmas stocking. I have always loved stockings. My mom made beautiful, and quite intentional, Christmas stockings when I was a child. I try to follow suit and take great joy in carefully selecting items months in advance for the kids and Chris. As I have been evaluating what to choose this year, I was reminded of how intentional we RVer’s must be. No excess. No waste. We have to either love it or need it….no maybes. So what are some awesome stocking stuffers for the RVing man in your life? Here are 5 excellent ideas…all of which my hubby has and loves:

Headlight Beanie – this thing is awesome and is by far one of my husbands absolute favorites. I bought this one for him here, and it has a much brighter light than then one I bought for my son last Christmas at our local home store.


Tire Pressure Gauge – it goes without saying that this is a mighty important tool. For those that travel frequently, we understand how important tire safety is. We recently swapped out for this gadget and the husband is trilled with its ease and accuracy.


Chamois – we have gone through several different ones on the road. A good chamois is a must for the truck and RV…and gets a ridiculous amount of use. We have not tried this brand (that I linked to)…but it just might be in someones stocking this year!


3M Cell Phone Holder – my husband and I do not have nightstands by our bed…so we each have one of these on the wall to hold our phones at night and simply LOVE them!



Work gloves – my husband uses his gloves every time we move the rig. Heavy duty yet lightweight without the bulk gloves are a must. He’s currently using the Caiman 2950 glove, but he’s only been using this pair for 5 months. So far they are holding up well in our RV lifestyle. He wears through his gloves until there is nothing left!




Well, there you have it…some affordable and RV friendly suggestions for the adventure lover in your life.

-All of these links take you to Amazon and if you purchase via the link, we will get a small compensation to support our travels…a blessing to us! Either way, happy shopping and Merry Christmas!